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What is

DayDreamer Domes? 

 A new concept in experiential travel located on a 145-acre property in South Haven, MI.

  • 2 hours from Chicago & 3 hours from Detroit.

  • Out-of-this-world accommodations 

  • 20,000 sq ft. turf area with Heated pool

  • 3200 sq ft. mixed use space for shading and creating

  • 5000 ft. clubhouse with Lounge & full bath house

  • State-of-the art kitchen with indoor seating for 70

  • Private events salon with a speakeasy-style bar

  • A carefully curated store filled with eats & treats

  • 2 DreamPod float tanks

  • Revolving calendar of unique events 


Yurts, pods, tents, igloos, bubble hotels or tiny homes? 

The Dreamers scoured the earth for the perfect structure and settled on the GEODOME.


Domes widely recognized throughout the cosmos as earth’s strongest structure, and when our unique design specs could not be met through traditional suppliers we decided to make our own. We took all the best materials, features, and designs and like any respectable mad scientist would do, we Frankensteined our own. You will not find another like these on the planet. Our Disco domes are built to last and can be used 4 seasons, all feature full climate control, power, and private baths. The domes were designed to activate inspiration, and to amuse the imagination. No two are the same, and each reveals different cosmic curiosities to those guests who take the time to explore within. 


The domes are located toward the middle of the 145 acre property featuring several ponds, creeks and trails for exploring filled with natural wildlife as well as some interesting artifacts and installations secreted away for the amusement of the guests, and that is what our concept is all about...amusement. Just that, nothing more, nothing less. So come kick off your shoes, and take a walk in the clouds with us, we are only a daydream away.

Daydreamer is a sum of its parts, and as we build - we build our team. We have the eye of an artist, and ear for music, a head in the clouds, the strength of a viking, and nose for mischief. Want to join us? Or just lend a hand? Drop us a line, we are hiring!

You're awesome! Thanks!

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