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Do I need a reservation?

Absolutely! Click on the "BOOK" button on our home page to get your dome getaway booked now! Don't forget to sign up for our emails to be on our list for new events and promotions.

What is a Dome like?

Our keyless entry domes feature 14 foot ceilings, full Heat/AC, hot water to fill your amazing bath tub or rainfall shower, flushing toilets,  luxury linens, queen size beds,  microwave, mini fridge, ceiling fans, and writers desk. Each boast a different look, and no two are the same. 

What about food?

Our state of the art kitchen will have breakfast and lunch options for our guests, Our bodega will have grab and go options as well as to-go beer and wine.  We are planning on doing ticketed thematic dinners in the future. Outside food and drink is also permitted at your site and all grounds excluding pool area. 

How many people are allowed per site?

DOMES: We recommend 2 adults per dome, each additional guest is 100 each per night. We do not allow unregistered guests on property.

FAMILY DOMES: We have family domes where you can bring up to 3 of your little domeys to join you. There is no extra charge for the children 10 and younger. If two adults bring a 40 year old child, there will be a charge. Nice try.

Can I bring my own wood?

No outside wood is permitted. We have gas fire pits by the pool, and wood burning outside pool area. If you are interested in a fire we will be happy to deliver wood to your site, we sell bundles for $7 each.

Can I bring my pet?

We have a few animal ready domes for those that wish to bring their fur babies. They will need to be on leash at ALL times, and never left unattended in a dome. We’ve seen coyotes, foxes, and 3 people swear a cougar has been spotted, so if you want to off-leash it needs to be off-site. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

We are a brand new company- last minute cancellations would buckle us.  We plan to offer insurance on stays at some point, but at this point, you must cancel within 45 days of your stay for a full refund. Anything less no refunds, and no exceptions, the bill collectors won't take any excuses either. We feel you, but our hands are tied!

What about alcohol?

We have a store with beer, ready-to-drinks and wine to go. We do not sell hard liquor. We can stock your mini fridges for you upon request, or you can order to-go from your phone and we can deliver (ID required) to your tent.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, we take half of the booking total room rate + the state and local taxes at booking and the other half 45 days prior to stay if you book within the 45 day window we will charge the complete booking. 

Is there a lifeguard on duty?

No, we do not have a life guard. Please obey the pool rules that are posted and swim at your own risk. 

Are children allowed?

FOR 2023 ONLY - Children are allowed at the domes any time of the week! Starting in 2024, children will be allowed at the domes Monday-Thursday.

Can I have guests during the day at my tent?

No, all guests must be registered. If you have friend that would like to join you they may by a day pass if available, but these are sold in limited quantity.

Have an idea for something far out you would like to see at the daydreamers? Drop us a line

Want to collaborate?

Have an idea for something far out you would like to see at the daydreamers? Drop us a line

Want to collaborate?

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