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What is DayDreamer?
Daydreamer Domes is  a luxury glamping destination located on a 145 acre property that was once home to the prestigious South Haven Country Club South Haven, Michigan and can be accessed with any vehicle that can reach 70 mph within 2 hours from Chicago and 3 hours from Detroit. It features several ponds, creeks and abundant trails for exploring with abundant wildlife, and some interesting surprises we have hidden for you to discover. In addition Daydreamers features a resort style pool, surrounded with several spaces for creating, shading, and even star-gazing. Our accommodations are not only out of this world they look that way too. This is no ordinary camp-out, it’s a glamp-out. No detail has been overlooked, and each of our domes has been thoughtfully designed, and carefully curated.  Before you even ask...Yes, they have showers and potties, just regular potties.  Unfortunately, our dream to include incinerator toilets had to be sacrificed (because who couldn’t resist the opportunity to light their %$#&^ on fire?) although we make no promises or guarantees in regard to the climate all guest are provided with the technology to control theirs from the inside their tents.

The back story
DayDreamer Domes is located on a 145 acre property that was once home to the prestigious South Haven Country Club located not surprisingly in South Haven Michigan.  It can be reached in under two hours from Chicago and 3 hours from Detroit. The club originally opened its doors in 1920’s and legend has it frequently hosted Al Capone, and while it us unknown the source of rumor it is said to hold somewhat of a lost treasure within it’s grounds.

Unfortunately an event lost to time occurred sometime in the 1960’s that resulted in the original colonial style clubhouse being burnt to the ground, and the source of that fire is unknown. It was later replaced with am almost  5000 sq foot cinderblock mid-centruy modern clubhouse that was modeled after old folks homes and small community libraries of its day. It housed a full bar and restaurant along with spacious locker rooms, dining area and a pro-shop. When the the insurance eventually paid out and the owners raised the new building they threw caution to the wind and built out the “back 9” and were somewhat of a local darling of the area for years. Sadly, after the club shut its doors in 2015 it at vacant for years. The only  remaining online reviews noted that if playing golf one only needed to wear a shirt on holes 1, 10 and 18, while another golfer deemed the drive to the club as, “not worth the gas money”.

In a bid to escape the Covid blahs for a day our Dreamers decided to take a day off from the online everything and tour the property, and it took our breath away.  When one considered the deteriorating parking lot, the fact that the clubhouse was clearly violating several health codes, the lack of any actual infrastructure, and the only other asset attached to the sale other than the land itself was a shed that produced like clockwork,  a seemingly endless supply of motherless cats, and they paired that with the fact that they had no practical hospitality or land development experience... they threw caution to the wind because it was their dream to build this for you.

Collectively our Dreamers have visited 48 countries, and have been "glamping" since before that was a thing…. And if you didn’t get the memo it's not anymore, it's "Gypsetting" now.  It's like Jet-Setting but Gypsy style. We are not sure this is a reference to a supermodel wearing a headscarf and a croshetted bikini, or if its a reference to a group of traveling musicians, dancers, the occasional monkey and a fortune teller. Dreamers is a big fan of both and we welcome anyone.

Although this project has been a longstanding dream and we would love to go on, but attention spans are short these days and we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag (Ahem...we should say barn) and ruin the surprise. But we are getting very close and we can’t wait to invite you come get lost in our forest, read in a hammock, take an art class, swing from the chandeliers, or lounge by the pool. Feel free participate externally or activate internally...the choice is yours and if you can’t make up your mind, come along with us on the multitude of adventures we have planned for anyone that wants to join us...and remember …..we are only a DayDream away.

What about the LAND?
Let us tell you about our favorite part..  the LAND!  For the last several years 60 acres have been beautifully maintained, and if you enjoy barefoot walking on fresh-cut sticker free golf grass we have that. But that’s not all dreamers! We also have 85 acres of large ravines, ponds and the "back 9" that are slowly creeping back to nature. So if exploring a dystopian golf course that we are slowly filling with cool things for people to amuse themselves with like secret glens for blank blank blank and extreme croquette, and a seemingly abandoned blank blank blank  or blank blank blank  installations we've got that too.  We have mother nature on speed dial and any friend of hers is a friend of ours, and that means our guests are free to explore the grounds in any manner they choose, except by car because the only road we are putting in is the one required by the local Fire Department. You can bike, hike, or hop in one of our retrofitted golf-carts. If you don’t like any of those options perhaps snowshoeing or cross country skiing might be more appealing because we are going to be open year round and we are going to have that too.

Meet Our Team

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